Traveler’s Notebook Layout : Santa’s Workshop

Essh it’s been a while! A few days ago I went live on YouTube and revealed my Christmas 2018 planner and my plans for planning in 2019, wow thats alot of plans haha. I’m very happy in my Personal Planner but use it more functionally and for work so can’t really film anything I do with that. I’m still bullet journalling but in the very crudest of forms which I don’t think would make very good content for blog posts and videos.

 December 2018 Traveler’s Notebook

However I have decided that my memory keeping for 2019 will be in these cute little traveler’s notebooks that I have been making myself. I have a tutoial on how I made them HERE.

I plan (there is that word again) on setting a new one up each month, using products from the UglyBug Crafty Club, and using it for a mix of bullet journalling and memory keeping. 

Although I’m a  bit late for december daily I have started with my layouts and the first video for december is up now.

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