October Bullet Journal & FREE Witch Planner Stickers

If any of you caught any of the LIVE videos I posted on YouTube yesterday you’ll notice I was having some technical difficulties. I ended up deleting them all and re-recording my October Bullet journal flip through this morning which you can see over on my YouTube channel now.


My title page started with a quick doodle whilst watching American Horror Story one night and ended up as this, I normally stamp my title page as I hate my lettering so this was quite a thing for me!


The monthly overview page I kept simple and functional. I record all my finanaces down the side bar and use these pages to keep a track of literally everything I have going on that month from work bookings to kids clubs.


Having tried many different planners to keep a track of my YouTube videos I have found this layout to be the one I can monitor the most. I use the orange pencil to highlight the days that I intend to upload a video and then write the title next to it once It have been filmed. That title then goes over to my To Do list so I know that it needs to be edited, uploaded and have the blog post written.

The bottom right hand corner is where i keep track of my weekly stats for instagram and YouTube. I realised my mistake in making that too small so may end up printing it on sticker paper and covering this one over!


My cleaning tracker really helps me to keep on top of everything in the house, I copy my daily list over to each weekly layout and have check boxes there for each day that I have completed each task. At the begining of the week I sechedule which zone’s i’ll clean each day and this depends largly on what I have booked in during the week. On busier days I will do a smaller or easier zone.

Often I find that some weeks some of the bigger jobs wont need doing as they are still fine from the week before, in that instance I will leave the box blank and move onto the next task. I find that this helps me to see how often a task needs doing and when I performed it last.


Lastly is my weekly set up. I used washi and stickers that came as part of the UglyBug Crafty Club this month. The stamps are from Brett Weldele and are stamped using Stazon ink.

I use this page as my master to do list, I schedule everything in each day and try to make sure everything is complete on time. I put any appointments and events in so that I can see at a glance if I have anything coming up and use my habit trackers to keep track of things that I need to be doing daily.

Because of my technical difficulties yesterday, I didnt have time to print off my stickers to use in this weeks layout and I didnt record a plan with me using them but you can download the witches personal kits in both purple and orange. As always these kits are for personal use only, if you use them and post photos to social media please link back to this blog 🙂

Witches - OrangeTo download click here – Witches – Orange

Witches - PurpleTo Download click here – Witches – Purple

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