What’s Going On???

Why does it feel like ever August I end up writing one of these blog posts about where I have been and why I haven’t been posting on here or YouTube as much, unfortunately every year, even though I know the summer holidays are coming and I try to pre-plan and have posts ready to go up in advance life always happens and inevitably I fall behind with filming.


Because of this, I have decided that my film/blog schedule will always e on an ad hoc basis in August and even though I will try and post 3 times a week I won’t be beating myself up trying to stick to it.

But what I HAVE been working on is getting the Etsy shop reopen and stocked, unfortunately, the leather TNs won’t be coming back Trevor has decided to go back to his old career and although we wanted to keep the two running together it just hasn’t been possible.


Fear not my loyal TN lovers there will be a brand new and exciting product coming to the shop in a week or two, I’ll be releasing sneak peaks over on Instagram so go follow me for that!!

For now the shop is stocked with some great accessories and I am adding more over the coming weeks, most are limited edition so grab them quick before they sell out


Until next time, Stay Crafty 🙂

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