2018 Project Life Catch Up

This week I decided to tackle the mammoth task of catching up with my 2018 project life album. I have done what has seemingly become a yearly habit; I start off really well, keeping up with my layouts each week. Then things start to go slightly downhill when I miss a couple of weeks, I still print my pictures weekly but don’t actually create my layouts. Then I get so overwhelmed that I just stop, everything, and it goes into a chaotic disarray. I convince myself that I will transfer my memory keeping over to a Traveler’s Notebook/memory planner/whatever else takes my eye.

I’m currently using a 12×12″ black D ring album from Stampin’ Up!

But project life, or the project lifestyle of scrapbooking, fits me so well, I have enough room to document all the pictures from one week and room to journal about them. I have a good system of printing and storing my photos and it just really all works well.

Page prtectors
My page protectors​ are also from Stampin’ Up!

So I decided to set aside a morning this week and get myself up to date. I recorded the process for anyone out there who may be currently struggling to get themselves up to date. I intend, and you guys can hold me accountable for this, to do my weekly layouts with full embellishment and then to go back and embellish the pages that I have caught up on this week.

It feels really good to be back to this point and I’m really looking forward to showing you guys a full yearly flip through in 6 months time 🙂


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