5 Top Bullet Journal Supplies

Lately, I’ve had a few messages asking either how people can start bullet journalling or what I think are important supplies to bullet journal. To be honest, the thing I love the most about bullet journalling is that there are no hard and fast rules to it, you can use whatever you have on hand and I actually started out with a standard lined notebook from a supermarket. However as my style has evolved I have found that there are things that I consistently turn to when bullet journalling. So I thought i’d share those with you today! If you’d like to watch the video to this then you can do so by clicking here, the video will, as always, be at the bottom of this post too!

Notebook with decent paper!
Although I started with a cheap notebook I have found that I’ve become a bit of a paper snob over time. I now prefer a notebook with a higher quality paper. I find that the pens bleed very little and the paper is just a lot nicer to write on!


Notebook cover!
Obviously, I prefer an UglyDori over any other cover but I do find that covers not only protect your notebook they allow me to keep any important information/leaflets with my planner eliminating the rooting through my bag looking for appointment letters etc. You can shop UglyDori’s HERE.


I love trying to hand-letter and although I’m not very good at it I do like to try. For me a decent pen that has both a bullet nib and a brush tip are ideal, I love my Stampin Write markers. The brush tips stay firm and don’t splay out like others have done in the past. I also love that we can coordinate pen colour to ink colour for when I stamp in my bullet journals.


I like to be able to flick between my monthly, weekly and daily pages without to much faff and having clips holding the pages together makes this a lot easier for me. I also use clips to secure appointments/invitations on to the corresponding day so that I have them ready and at hand.


Stamps and Inks!
When you are artistically challenged and cannot draw, like me, stamps and ink make an easy job of making a page look beautiful! The shadowing onto the back page is minimal and you can cheat your way to an Instagram ready bujo!


Product List

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, I’d love to hear your top 5 bullet journal supplies so feel free to leave me a comment. Don’t forget to check out the other ladies taking part in today’s Planner Girl Collective blog hop:

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