Bullet Journal in a Hobonichi Cousins | Plan With Me

Wowsers, not only is is Sunday again but it’s nearly March. Where did this month go? It seems like January was the longest month in the history of the world and February fluttered by as quickly as the hope of spring this week.

I am still using my Hobonichi Cousins as my daily planner and it is well and truly fitting all my needs. Last week saw me using functional stickers from The Geeky Planner, to be honest by Tuesday I was wanting to peel them off and move them around the page, I love the stickers and they made tracking the important things very easy, I just wish I hadn’t stuck the whole weeks worth down before testing the first daily layout.

This week I’ve gone for a very minimalistic layout using the left-hand side as my daily timeline with my personal To Do’s under that and any work-related¬†information on the right. I used a scrap of sticker paper to cover the hours up and then freehanded my own in. I like to be able to plan my day from 7am and normally go to around 6pm, I like to have 2 lines per hour and for the number to sit centrally in the box. If I could change one thing about the Hobonichi it would be how they position their numbers!

Who else out there is using a Hobonichi? I’d love to hear how you use yours, or what planners you are using, in the comments.

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