Plan With Me : This week in my Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal

As is often the case with planners, my planning needs have changed since setting up my bujo at the beginning of the year. Although I am still self-employed I am going back to my pre-children career as a Nail Technician and need a space in my planner where I can write actual appointments.

The daily layout that I started the year in was perfect for me but the weekly was a bit too small to record everything that I need and I found myself leaning towards my hobonichi a6 which would be fine but I really wanted to keep everything in the one book. So I took what I needed and created a weekly and a daily layout that will suit my needs perfectly.

I may need an hourly planner in the near future but I’ll go for a Personal Planner as it will fit inside my UglyDori alongside my Scribbles That Matter, that will allow me to go back to just a weekly layout in my bullet journal but that will have to wait as I’m officially on a no spend for February!

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