2018 Traveler’s Notebook (UglyDori) Set Up! With A Bullet Journal Feel

A few weeks ago I posted my 2018 set up video on YouTube but never got round to blogging about it! So this year has seen me successfully set up and use a Leuchttrum1917 Bullet Journal. I’d had the notebook for a while and had that fear of actually breaking it in and using it, but after ordering yet another Erin Condren and not using it I knew that I needed to reassess my planner situation to find one that would really work for me.

I’ve been using the bullet journal system for a while now but had been trying to fit it in with my other planners and although the system worked great I found the structure of other planners just didn’t allow me the freedom that I needed to change things up as and when I needed too… I guess I’m just a working outside of the box kind of person!

After attending Theresa Hall’s workshops at Planner Con Europe I left with a newfound inspiration and, although she uses Hobonichi’s, I decided that I was going to crack open my Llechttrum.

Starting a new planner in November was quite alien to me but from the very first week, I knew I’d found my style!

So… after finding this allusive “planner peace” and actually using a functional planner for 2 months, what is a girl to do? Why go and change your entire set up of course!! I felt my UglyDori was a bit unloved sitting on my shelf, so after a late night brainwave (oh how peaceful my life would be if my brain would shut off at 10pm when my body does), I decided to transfer my bullet journal into a Travelers Notebook and see how that went for me!


This is the culprit that had me all in a tizz, my beautiful Harry Potter Themed UglyDori. I decided to set the inside up with an inspirational quote on the front cover and Harry Potter themed dashboards.

I’m not a fan of decorating and it hurts my head when I try to use all the clips and things that other people seem to love so much. I am much more of a simple girl lol.IMG_2846IMG_2847IMG_2848

The shaker dash I made by sewing acetate sheets together with a sequin mix from Stampin’ Up! between the two.

The two main inserts are a monthly and a weekly which have been hand drawn, I need more room for a future log so found that having all my monthly pages drawn out helps me to keep everything in one place. The weekly has been drawn out so that I can split my day into hourly appointments at the top and then have my important notes and ToDo list at the bottom. I like seeing everything laid out like this and find it easier to prioritise my day.

The only downside that I am currently finding is that I am not quite in the routine of opening and looking in my planner every day but as my word of January 2018 is “Routine” I’m certain this is something that I will get used to doing.

You can view the video for this set up below. Enjoy!


Traveler's NotebookLayout

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