Project Life Process | Autumn | with PaperHouse Stickers

At the recent planner event… the one that I’ve named several times now and fear to mention it again in case you guys are sick of me talking about it! (I’ll give you a clue… it starts with Planner and ends in Con  Europe), we were given two talks from the lovely Cara Vincens (The Hooting Pirate) where she spoke on different topics relating to planning. In each, we were given a selection of goodies from PaperHouse and they included these lovely planner stickers. Seeing as I rarely use stickers in my planner I chose to incorporate them into my project life spread and they fit perfectly with this weeks theme.

I’ve just looked up these stickers on their website so that I am able to share the link with you, and I cannot believe that this pack of stickers is only $4.99 that’s an amazing price! You can go to the website and view the stickers HERE!

So after printing my pictures I chose the 3 3×4″ filler cards I needed and used the stickers to embellish them and the photos. I love the way it came out. The edging strips I made by cutting the ends off of page flags and lining them up along the edge of the photos. I used bullet point dots in the place of enamel dots and used the 1/4 box stickers where I’d normally use labels.

For those of you out there who don’t use planner stickers bt may have been gifted some, this is a fantastic way to use them up 🙂

As always the full process video is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy.

Much love
Michelle xx

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