Erin Condren Blog/Youtube Planner | with All Things Paper UK stickers

I’ve been struggling for ages to find a set up for my Erin Condren that I liked, I knew this would happen heck you guys kew it would happen… I get all wrapped up in the new EC releases and think its going to be perfect for me and then as soon as it arrives I have buyers remorse.

I think my problem this time is that I am so in love with the Bullet Journal system that I just couldn’t bring myself to use even the monthly pages in my EC.

These days bullet journals and Boho Berry go together like planners and Washington so I’ve been bing watching her channel and scrolled through to find her blog set up in an A4 Leuchtrum which was amazing, but after watching it for a while I realised that there is no way I have the time to create layouts like that every month, I just about have time for my main BuJo. So after pondering it for a while I decided that I would try using my Erin Condren as a blog planner.

I had this weekend scheduled to film my Design Team post for All Things Paper UK but I just cannot for the life of me remember where I put my sticker kit after filming my Manchester planner bee video, I’m not unconvinced i’ll find them in the girls room somewhere as they were coveting the lushness of them on my desk a few days ago!

Not one for being put off schedule (hahahahaha yeah right, if I say that enough do you think I can convince myself its true?) I grabbed the left overs from last months spread and used them. The layout actually worked pretty well for me: I have my ToDo’s at the top of every day and then 2 sections free, one for my blog and one for Youtube. Although I post pretty much the same on both there are different aspects that both need and to date its been keeping track of these that have me a bit confuddled, its ice having them all layed out so I can see exactly what needs to be done (now to work on my blog photography, these 2 paltry pictures are all I managed to snap).

If you’d like to go check out the lovely Sarah at All Things Paper UK then you can use code Michelle15 for 15% off anything in her store, her kits are already an amazing price.

You can see the full process video over on my YouTube channel:

Do you follow me on Instagram? Facebook? YouTube? exciting things are coming 🙂

Much love
Michelle xx

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