13 Reasons Why….. You Should Buy An UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook!!

I am finally starting to work through my list of blog topics that people have asked me to cover and this week has been my first proper chance to sit and write this. If you wish to hear this rather than read it you can scroll to the bottom of this post where there is a link to the YouTube video, if you are a reader rather than a watcher then stick around for the top 13 reasons why you should buy an UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook: a list of the 13 top features and benefits of our product!

  1. Fully Handmade: We buy in our leather in large sheets that have been undied, we hand select each peace so get to check for imperfections before purchasing. We then hand cut the leather for each order and dye using eco friendly dyes. Each layer of leather is then hand stitched and finished and checked over before seeing out to our customers.
  2. Totally Customisable: Your planner is built to order so everything on it is completely customisable. We can change your thread, planner, elastic and name band colour to any that we currently have in the shop. We can also change the colour of the internal pockets to a different colour to the outside. The pocket configuration is a large and 2 small pockets on the inside front and back cover but this can be changed if requested before ordering. You can leave the pockets off all together if thats your thing or maybe change to a vertical pocket. Options are also available on your pen loop, it can be placed on either the front or back pocket or left off all together. These are things that are simply requested either via etsy message or by leaving a comment in the notes section of your order!
  3. Extra Pocket Upgrade: A few months ago we came up with a design to fold out pockets on the front and back cover, these pockets allow for extra card storage and are perfect if you are wanting to use your UglyDori as a purse!
  4. BugStop: We are super proud of this little tool! The idea came about after a happy customer commented in our Facebook group that her closure elastic had pulled through the hole, someone commented that using a button to thread the elastic through worked for them in another brand of planner. Trevor was not happy that people who pay for a product may need to modify it to use it so came up with the BugStop, its a simple yet genius device that sits on the inside of the UglyDori under the elastic and stops it being pulled through. It doesn’t add bulk or interfere with every day use.IMG_0320
  5. Reinforced Wide 1.5″ Spine: I love to stuff as many inserts as I can into my UglyDoris and I hate over hang so right from the initial design phase I knew that I needed to have an extra wide spine as standard on every UglyDori. The reinforcement ensures you can stuff your planner and not worry about the spine sagging. These badboys have been made to be used and abused and last you a lifetime.
  6. Every Layer Stitched and Glued: We pride ourself on having a product that is going to do exactly what we say it will and being a product that will last was always at the top of our list. Every layer of leather… wether that is the spine of the pockets, are first glued using a special adhesive and are then stitched through all layers making them very secure!
  7. Hand Stitching: I’ve touched on this previously in this post but it is something that makes our products super durable and thats the hand stitching. Each stitch hole is punched and then we use the hand stitching method called saddle stitch. This makes each little stitch as secure as a knot, if the thread is ever cut by accident then the worst that will happen will be one stitch coming undone (which can actually then be heated and rebonded.
  8. 4 Internal Elastics: Every size UglyDori comes with 4 elastics as standard (these are the elastics that are used to secure your inserts inside the cover) but this can be changed for 6 elastics. I have 4 in each of mine and I then piggy back the inserts so that they fit 8-10 per UglyDori.
  9. Penloop: Our pen loops are made of leather and are made to fit even the chunky pens. You can choose their placement on either the front or back cover and can choose to omit them all together. To make your penelope extra secure it is actually stitched 3 times onto the planner, the stitches go not only through the pen loop but also all 3 layers of the leather that make up the planner.IMG_0317
  10. Upgrade to a hand painted design: Trevor was a tattoo artist in his last job and has transferred this skill to painting on UglyDoris, you can pretty much have any design you like or even just a “theme” if you wish. Obviously this does cost extra but its not as expensive as you may think with designs starting at just £10.FullSizeRender 3
  11. Ready To Ship: Due to each UglyDori being handbill we do usually have a waiting list of 3-4 weeks, we try to balance that out by having some ready to ship planners on a Friday. This usually takes place in our Facebook group with them then being added to Etsy if they don’t sell.
  12. FREE name band: Every UglyDori is shipped with a free name tag, if no name or word is left in the notes then we use your first name. Lots of people opt to use a word or phrase on their tag rather than their name.FullSizeRender
  13. FREE Dustbag: To protect your UglyDori whist in transit we provide each one with its very own dust bag. If you chose not to use the dustbag to house your UglyDori whilst in your bag etc then they make excellent pencil cases/sticker holders 🙂IMG_0322

So, there we go, we hope that this list has highlighted some things you didn’t know about us and our UglyDoris and the love, hard work and passion that goes into making each and every one!


To view our shop and our UglyDoris please click HERE!

Much love
Michelle xx

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why….. You Should Buy An UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook!!

  1. Hello Michelle, I do not have Facebook so please can you tell me where I can buy one of you notebook covers. I am new to the world on TN and planners and am finding it quite confusing. Regards, Vita.


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