Traveler’s Notebook (UglyDori) Flip Through

School is officially back and the weather has most certainly turned autumnal for the new term which fills my little soul with joy as does every seasonal change!

Being the wife of a leather smith who produces, in my opinion, the best handmade leather traveler’s notebooks in the UK market has its perks and one of those is that I get to change my TN almost as often as I’d like to and I knew that our colour “Ocean” would look perfect with this months UglyBugPlans Traveler’s Notebook kit, the chocolate brown elastics and edging that he added made it autumn in a box 🙂

Whilst I’ve been away in the caravan over the holidays I’ve been creating in my journals and decided to have a flip through for you guys, showing not only some of the products in this months kit but also one of the inserts that I finished whilst we were away 🙂

I think I’ve finally found my groove between planning and creative journalling and am finally beginning to let go of a few restraints that prevented me from fully enjoying my experience. I’ve realised that nothing is ever “perfect”, my art doesn’t have to look the same as other peoples and that I actually love the finished pages that I have had the most fun creating.

I’d love to see your autumn TN set ups, do you change yours for the season or occasion?

Much Love
Michelle xx

9 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook (UglyDori) Flip Through

  1. Is it possible to order a planner the same I.e. same colour and stitching – it is absolutely beautiful. Also if possible can you give me some idea of the cost.
    Many thanks


      1. Sounds good to me. If I wanted one for Christmas what’s the latest I could order?
        Thanks for replying

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


      2. At the minute we have a 4 week waiting list so id say the middle of November at the latest, if you are outside the UK then a bit earlier to allow for delivery 🙂


  2. Which colour is this please Michelle? I’m planning a blue A5 with pink stitching and elastics. I’ve been looking at the Ocean and the Night Sky.


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