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 I am my own worst critic, nothing I do ever seems to be as good as what others can produce and I seldom feel happy with a completed page. I struggle to find my own identity in my pages, wether that be Project Life, Planners or Journalling, the style of pages that I product are heavily influenced by whom ever I’m currently binge watching on YouTube at the time.

For this layout in my Traveler’s notebook, which is a regular size UglyDori, I just went for it! I forgot any “rules” and made the page my own and I love it. It came out nothing like I expected and thats totally okay!



 I’ve used the July kit from Little Rainbow Moon and my new water colour tubes that I recent purchased from the range, I’ve never had water colours in tubes before so its a bit of a learning curve.

As you can tell I love a border at the minute and I have Adele Toomie of Inky Quill on YouTube to thank for that. I love her style in that she really just does what the hell she wants and it always looks awesome.

So my challenge for you is to go into your next project and do something completely different, use up the supplies that are still in packets because you don’t know what to do with them and just get them on your page!l and I would love to see pictures of them on social media @uglybugplans

Much love

Michelle xx

5 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook | Journal With Me | Feeling Brave

  1. Love it! I am exactally the same! Infact, I’ve given up on planning for a little while, I just can’t seem to find a style and layout that I like, I don’t lead a particularly busy life and it takes me away from my journaling. So I’ve put my planning on a back burner for a little while an I’m gonna concentrate more on my journaling. Love your blog and, as you know, I love my Uglydoris, keep up the fab work xxx


    1. I stick to a kore functional planner now and have taken to daily journalling where i use it as a brain dump and its working quite well for me at the minute x


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