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For this weeks Planner Girls Collective we are discussing “Back To School Supplies” last year I was out purchasing everything I needed to start my 2 courses but I’m not studying this year and my children are too little to need stationery supplies… boooo!

So I decided to show a few of my very favourite stationery shops and my favourite collection from them.

Wilkos is always one of my favourite shops, I love that the price point is very easy on my pocket yet the quality is amazing and they always have a very good range of coordinating products.

These are from the “Enterprising Britain” range which is my favourite current collection of theirs, the A5 jotter is £2.75 and comes with movable plastic dividers, the desk pad is £2 which I think is an amazing price!

I am absolutely desperate for this backpack, its from Primark and retails about about £12 but is currently selling on eBay for £29.99 as usual people are exploiting others by buying all the stock and upping the prices on online auction sites, this makes me so cross.. in fact I’d rather spend a bit more and buy one straight from Harry Potter studios.. phew rant over haha.

Anyway this would totes be my school bag of choice for this term if I needed one, or could get one haha.


As for pens… I’m a bit of a pen snob and usually have one favourite that I stick to… until another favourite comes along! At the minute its the PaperMate InkJoy Gel pens, I only have them in black at the minute but the gull colour packs is most definitely on my wish list. The tip is slightly thicker than I normally use but the fluidity of the gel ink and the cushioned barrel make them awesome to write with. I have no bleed through with them like I do with some store own gel pens and the ink dried quickly with no smudging.


I always go out school supply shopping with a list and get sucked into all the yummy stationery goodness, my basket comes home twice as full as it should be and to be honest I probably wouldn’t need to purchase any stationery for another 10 course, I have enough to last a lifetime already but a girl needs a hobby right?

My last item would be these highlighters, not only are the pastel colours ideal but as they are erasable by friction you can use them in your own text books to highlight important text which can then be erased at the end of your course if you want to sell on your books and make a bit of money back!


Stationery items I can’t live without:

  • Decent pens (usually gel)
  • A4 and A5 notepads.. matching of course
  • Pencil case
  • Highlighters
  • Bag
  • Ringbinders and poly pockets
  • Academic planner
  • White out tape

Are you studying this year? What are your must have study supplies? We’d love to hear from you, don’t forget to check the links of the other ladies laking part in this weeks blog hop:


Much Love
Michelle xx

13 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective | Back to School Supplies

  1. I love Wilko for stationery. I am trying to hard not to go buy loads of stuff. I’ll be starting my Masters hopefully but I’m trying to use my current planner rather than getting a new one. Something tells me that an A7 Just won’t be big enough though lol.

    Love the backpack, I have a Ravenclaw tote but I badly want the satchel lol


    1. Aww thats fab about your masters, what topic is that for? Same as last year?

      I should have brought the one i saw on the hogwarts express store 😦 x


  2. I love Wilkos too, but not been in for ages as been poor. I go back full time after being 4 days for forever in September, so things will look up and I might be able to buy some more fixon pens, been eyeing up those highlighters xx


  3. I second Wilko for stationery and have more than I can handle at the minute as my daughter works there so regularly comes home with something from the latest range (not that I’m complaining).

    I agree with your on the Enterprising Britain range, although I have a few pieces from the Unearthed range too x


  4. I love Wilkos for stationery too! They rereleased the rose gold desk storage recently, which I was thrilled about! I am the same as you though, no courses for me and my kiddos don’t need any stationery. Bad, bad times. I would love to do a degree course, but not sure which course I would like to do right now.


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