Traveler’s Notebook (UglyDori) | Plan With Me | with The Geeky Planner

This week I’m sticking with my standard size UglyDori and weekly insert from CraftyAli  as it worked out well for me last week and I love that my planner and art journal can be in the same place!

My Busy Days planner from BoxClever Press is still my main “Holy Grail” planner that has everything from appointments to up coming bills in it and although this week is quite plain I still decided to decorate a little bit, I’ll use the boxes there to record what videos/blogs I have this week but the remainder will stay pretty blank as we don’t have many plans!

When I realised how bad the bleed through was from last weeks water painting my heart did sink a bit, lesson learnt: do not mix water and pen if you are precious about it showing through on the other side!

I have decided that this week I am going to work on my hand writing and do some lettering practise, its about time that my chicken scratch moves over and makes space for the beautiful flourishes that I know is sin me somewhere!! I write like I do everything in life: at 100 miles per hour, I need to concentrate on making it an enjoyable experience and treat it as a therapeutic exercise.

Unfortunately there are no free printable this week or next but they will be back on the 3rd September with a kit for all of you heading off to Hogwarts for the new term!

The stickers I have used in these spreads are available from The Geeky Planner on Etsy, if you purchase then feel free to use code UglyBug10 for 10% off (non affiliate link).

Much love

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