Plan With Me| Traveler’s Notebook | Busy Days Planner | with All Things Paper UK Sticker Kit

I received my Design Team package last week from Sarah over at All Things Paper UK, the stickers are the most adorable hummingbird design with a colour palate of rich blues and purples.

Until now I haven’t used stickers in my Busy Days Planner as I wanted to keep it fairly simple and un cluttered but this kit is so beautiful that I really wanted to use it where I’d see it every day.

Because I like white space on my layouts and because there is a tonne of stickers in each of Sarah’s kits I knew I’d get 2 layouts out of the one kit so decided to co-ordinate my new regular sized UglyDori Traveller’s Notebook. The regular insert that I am using here is from CraftyAli on Etsy, I love that I can use the left hand side for weekly planning and the right hand side to decorate and put notes: this week I decided to do a bit of stamping and water colouring on the right side, the colour has slightly bled through to next week but I can cover that up with stickers so I’m not too worried about that!

Much Love
Michelle xx

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