EDITED!! How to make a Traveler’s Notebook Insert with Pocket Pages + Competition!

**Edited to add**

I have removed the video of the pocket page travelers notebook from my YouTube this morning, when I filmed the tutorial and made the insert for myself I had found the idea on Dearly Dee’s YouTube channel and decided to make one for myself. The company that the original YouTuber used is based in Australia and international shipping is ridiculously expensive, you guys know I love a bargain and am far too tight to pay international shipping haha.

This morning the original designer contacted me and, although my tutorial was not a direct copy of hers it was close in design and enough to be detrimental to her business, so she asked me to remove my tutorial, which I agreed to do and actioned as soon as possible, for no other reason than the fact that I know how hard it is to run a small business and I wish no harm to hers.

I will continue to use my home made insert and you’ll be able to see lots of process videos in the next few weeks.

As for the giveaway: well you guys were so lovely and supportive that I would still like to hold a giveaway, I will replace the Insert with one I have made for a tutorial that goes live in a few weeks time and there is lots of other TN memory keeping goodies included too, I will announce the winner here once it has been drawn.

Don’t worry though, I have lots of other Travellers Notebook tutorials coming up on my blog and YouTube so keep a watch out for them soon 🙂

Much Love
Michelle x


Ok so this is a day late because I have changed my Pocket Page layouts to a Monday now but better late than never! As promised a tutorial on how to make your own travellers Notebook Insert with Pocket pages..

There is a competition over on my YouTube channel, watch the video above and go check it out!

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12 thoughts on “EDITED!! How to make a Traveler’s Notebook Insert with Pocket Pages + Competition!

    1. Thabk you 🙂 i’ve often thought of a pyrography tool too but never had one to try, I think they are a similar concept so should work. If you try it i’d love to know how it works out x


    1. Its from we are memory keepers, I cant remember where mine is from but you can order them from Susie stick it’s website


  1. I just bought all the supplies to make this insert and came to get the instructions to make it. You did the right thing in taking it down for her xx


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