Planner Girls Collective | School Holiday Planning

I must admit, when it comes to school holidays I normally let my planning slide and wing it which ultimately leads to chaos. So I have decided that during these next 6 weeks I am going to make myself carry on using my planner and trying to stick to my daily tasks as well as I can with 3 tiny humans who can be very, very demanding!

We are still going to have to run our business from home so during the day i’ll have the children on my own and in the evenings I’ll catch up on my blog and chores, a few weeks ago I had planned on pre recording all my videos for the holidays but that hasn’t quite worked out the way I intended!

As long as I get through the 6 weeks with the house still standing and a business that still pays the bills i’ll be happy, anything else can wait until after the holidays haha!

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies in this series and their plans for the holidays:





4 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective | School Holiday Planning

  1. I’m almost with you on your goals. If I still have two children and my sanity at the end of the holidays I’ll be happy and if I’ve managed to post on my blogs then the holiday will be a roaring success 🙂


  2. Awww love this idea, planning can wait. Might have to steal that first graphic for my facebook on Friday, hehehe. Hope you have a great Summer xx


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