Art Journal – Mixed Media Girl

For the past few nights my girls have been waking up about 11pm and staying awake for an hour or so, rather than fight it I have been embracing it with lots of cuddles and creative videos on YouTube, Lets Get Inky was my favourite last night and I binge watched most of the videos on her second channel. Maremi SmallArt is another fav of mine and I really recommend checking them both out!

Anyhooo… I woke up this morning and felt really inspired to start a new art journal, I have a few of the Moleskin cashier size books that I’ve never used and thought this would be the perfect time to try them out!

It wasn’t until half way through the project that I realised I had todays “Teamie Tuesday” to film and decided to combine the 2.. It wasn’t a hard choice to make to be fair, I probably would have gone for my Lemon Lime Twist inks anyway and Berry Burst and Powder Pink go perfectly with them and seeing as this weeks topic is “In Colours” it was a no brainer!

I had already prepped the background with some gesso, Embossing Paste, Decorative Masks and some die cuts that I had on my desk already. I picked an online drawing on google images and printed it to size on my home printer.. I then traced it with a pencil, traced the back with a pencil and then placed it on my page… I drew over the top of the pencil lines to transfer the drawing to the page.. one day I hope to be able to hand draw faces but for now this enables me to add as much detail and definition in the face as I fancy!

I must say, I am rather proud of how it turned out and I cannot wait to do another one… I asked my views on YouTube if this is the kind of content that they would like to see in the future and I’d like to know your opinions too. I personally love to watch process videos whenever I don’t have the time to actually sit and create my own art, I love picking up tips and as I am still a beginner myself we can all learn from my mistakes haha..

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Product List

Another question that i’ve asked today (in my Facebook group not YouTube) is about printable planner stickers, I have a lot of sticker sets that I designed and used to sell in my Etsy shop, I’ve moved away from that now and decided that I’d like to gift back to the planner community in the form of Free Planner Printables every week, if there is enough interest then I may also create journalling kits to print too. Let me know in the comments if this is something that you’d be interested in, I post a Plan With Me every Sunday so it seems logical to post the planner sticker printable at the same time so watch out for that!!

Much Love

Michelle xx

2 thoughts on “Art Journal – Mixed Media Girl

    1. yay 🙂 I’m hoping to involve a lot more creative stuff to PPC 2018.. I’m more about creating than i am planning lately lol


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