Rapesco Supaclips

To view the corresponding video to this blog please click HERE!

You know you are, truly, a stationery geek when the jingle of new staples (or in this case Supaclips) hitting your doormat is enough to see you running off to your office and praying that your video camera has enough charge to film you tearing into the packaging… unfortunately in this instance it didn’t and I literally couldn’t wait. So I opened it without you!! I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have but you know how it is haha!

So its been a few days and I’ve literally been supaclipping everything in sight, even the kids are scared to stay still around me incase they get a cheeky clip haha. I have received this for free from Rapesco for the purpose of this review but everything in this post is my own and I have not received any financial incentive (damn you Rapesco… show me the money ;)…

I honestly do not know how i’ve never known about this gadget before… for a stationery blogger who loves a gadget I feel like I need to tell myself to go write 100 lines (on some very lush paper, of course), apparently these have been around for a while and some people had them at school, all we had was treasury tags and paper polos (yes and even they bring joy to my geeky little heart).

Ok Ok onto the review I hear you yell… well, it’s awesome, the clips I have are pale pink, bright pink (oh yeah baby) with hearts and then some yellow emoji clips too.. there are also silver that come in the pack (rose gold Rapesco… where are the rose gold??) The clips are small but fit up to 40 sheets of paper and they hold them really securely, the fact that they are small is such a benefit as I can use them in my note taking and planner without covering much space on the paper.

You know I can be a bit of a cack handed fool so I didn’t manage to jam the tool on video… and you do have to make sure it is pointing down or the clips fall backwards and you cant slide them over the edge of the paper but then that is just logic I suppose ha.

Probably my second favourite thing to clip with this is bags of half eaten crisps and sweets, not only do they keep the contents from spilling out they also stop the children getting back in haha, i’m joking of course!!

You can purchase the pack, which contains the dispenser and 40 clips, for £3.42 on amazon and the packs of 100 clips are currently £6.04 per pack.. bargain I tell you!!

For more information on Rapesco and the products they offer please see their website HERE!


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