The KonMari Method : My Office

I cannot tell you how much pleasure I am have in writing this blog post in my newly organised and tidy office/craft room. Funny story really as I hadn’t planned to do this room first at all, on Saturday morning I needed a birthday card for my sons friend, I knew I had the perfect one in my office but I just couldn’t remember where I had left it. That led to me pulling out one or two boxes and just needing to organise the rest.

All in all it took me nearly 5 hours.. but any paper crafter/planner/hoarder will tell you that, for a craft room that is not bad at all.

I went through it ruthlessly and anything that didn’t “spark joy” went into either the donate or the sell pile.

About half way through I lost the will to live and nearly gave up, the fact that I had an order sat on my desk that I had to complete yet no room to finish it spurred me on and I managed to see it through to the end.

My office is now a little sanctuary, it is by no means Pinterest perfect but when it comes to moving it is going to make it easier to create the exact space that i need to invoke creativity.

For next weeks Organisation and Productivity post I will be discussing (and recording for my VLOG) my miracle morning and sharing with you my current morning routine and my journey to the perfect morning.

Thanks for reading


Click HERE to view the corresponding video



2 thoughts on “The KonMari Method : My Office

    1. Hahaha yes I did… but I nearly forgot about the party lol, it’s a good job his daddy was home to take him or I’d have gone looking a mess lol


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