30 Days of Harry Potter : Favourite Film


With yesterdays focus being on our favourite book, today we look at which of the movies we prefer.. I don’t know about you but asking us to chose a favourite out of the books and the films is like asking me to choose my favourite child! I love all the films and have watched them all so many times that I sometimes feel I lived in them rather than watched them on the screen, The first film is full of excitement and the kind of magic which still gives me butterflies, the second is slightly darker and the characters have become our friends and heroes, but the film which is probably my most and least favourite has to be The Order of the Phonix Part 2! There I said it, and now if all the other films sulk and refuse to play on my TV anymore it’s your fault!!


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The reason that this is my favourite of them all is really simple, its where we learnt that Snape is a hero after all. I think by this point in the books and films I was so ready for Snape to be a good guy, I think if he had turned out to be bad I would have been Siriusly (see what I’ve done there) disappointed. For all that has been bad in Harry Potters world he needed to know Dumbeldor had been right all along.

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